Another upgrade that breaks things down

When I tried to write a WordPress post today, I found out that I couldn’t enter anything in the main text edit area. I tried several times, saved the draft without any success and then found out I would be blocked, unless I AGAIN try with a different browser. I just cannot continue like this if now I have to leave several browsers open and switch from one to the other. This just breaks all possibilities of efficiently switching between windows. I would end up with different similar-looking windows, with no way to quickly distinguish them, as opposed to one browser window with tabs.

A Google search about this lead me to a forum post. Some people were experiencing similar issues, again after a WordPress upgrade! Some people manually reinstalled an old version without success, but god, I cannot manually install things on my dumb HostPapa account, because I have NO SSH access! I am just exhausted of facing the same problems I cannot resolve unless I completely switch gears, reformat, start over, etc.

A forum post suggested to disable all extensions, clear the browser cache and switch to the default theme. I tried the cache: no success. I never changed the theme, so I am probably using the default. I then had to disable extensions. The culprit was TablePress.

But the fundamental question is: what’s the point of having any extension if they constantly need to be turned off for one reason or another?

I’m now stuck with an unstable content management system whose extensions are broken and there is no way to improve over this without manually moving everything to something else.