Cascade of problems

It is unbelievable how things can go bad starting from a small number of problems. This afternoon, I was overwhelmed by several hurdles, but there were only two main root causes: keyboard instability and network bandwith issue. Everything started with the delivery of my new AZIO keyboard and Razer Taipan mouse. Well, these are low-risk… Continue reading Cascade of problems

Why do I suddenly need to use source to call ANY Bash script?

This week, I ran into a somewhat weird and annoying Bash issue that took a couple of minutes to solve. It was a very simple problem, but it caused quite a bit of headaches. A colleague wrote a script that was setting up some configuration variables. The script, named, was intended to be called… Continue reading Why do I suddenly need to use source to call ANY Bash script?

Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache

Java is a general-purpose programming language that matured over more than ten years. It provides a solid platform on which many third party libraries (of various quality and complexity of course) were developed. Maven is one of the several ways large Java projects can be described formally and built automatically. Maven has the ability to… Continue reading Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache