Many ways to create the same thing

One important issue of software development is that problems can be resolved many ways and not all solutions are equal. Some solutions cannot be maintained because some developers cannot grasp how it works and insist on switching to something else. Some solutions cannot be deployed because the chosen providers don’t support it. Some solutions don’t… Continue reading Many ways to create the same thing

Why do we still need password while we have biometry?

It now happens more and more often that I try to login somewhere and my password doesn’t work. Many sites require an account, with different rules for user names and passwords. Using the same password everywhere only partly alleviates the issue, and can increase security risks. Password reset procedures differ from one site to the… Continue reading Why do we still need password while we have biometry?

The downsides of SSDs

What’s the point of having a SSD if both Windows 8 and Ubuntu 15.04 introduce artificial timeouts that increase the boot time, making this equivalent as having a standard hard drive? Well, I’m there, I reached that point. Windows 8 often boots fast from EFI to login screen but after I enter my password, it… Continue reading The downsides of SSDs

Functionality versus stability

Switching between multiple windows has always been an issue for me. The simplest solution is to use the Alt-tab key combination. That works pretty fine when I need to switch between two or three windows, but as soon as there are more windows, that becomes more difficult. Holding Alt and pressing Tab multiple times can… Continue reading Functionality versus stability

Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache

Java is a general-purpose programming language that matured over more than ten years. It provides a solid platform on which many third party libraries (of various quality and complexity of course) were developed. Maven is one of the several ways large Java projects can be described formally and built automatically. Maven has the ability to… Continue reading Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache