Desperately slow

This morning, I tried to install Razer Synapse on my Mac now equipped with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). That worked very well but brought absolutely NO improvement with respect to mouse smoothness. In fact, it does absolute nothing: no compensation or removal of the unwanted acceleration, and no handling at all of the side… Continue reading Desperately slow

From Snow Leopard to Lion: a leap towards the limbo

Again, I was a bit stuck with my Mac. SmoothMouse was helping with the mouse handling but not fully solving the issues with acceleration. Sometimes, the pointer was just going away. I cannot believe I loose it so often: it just disappears! I often have to bring the pointer to the top left corner two… Continue reading From Snow Leopard to Lion: a leap towards the limbo

Preliminary results with Ubuntu booting on Mac

After my more and more frustrating failures with Mac OS X, I wanted to do something to give a second life to this apparently dead system. My previous attempts and research about Ubuntu installation on MacBook Pro 2006 have been a real disaster. But this evening’s attempt is a step toward success! I first downloaded… Continue reading Preliminary results with Ubuntu booting on Mac

MacTracker report about my MacBook Pro

OVERVIEW Introduced    October 2006 Discontinued    June 2007 Model Identifier    MacBookPro2,2 Model Number    A1211 EMC    2120 Order Number    MA609LL/A (2.16 GHz), MA610LL/A (2.33 GHz) Initial Price    $1,999 (2.16 GHz) $2,499 (2.33 GHz) Support Status    Obsolete Case    Lightweight aluminum alloy Weight and Dimensions    5.6 lbs., 1″ H x 14.1″ W x 9.6″ D PROCESSOR Processor    Intel Core… Continue reading MacTracker report about my MacBook Pro

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The obsolescence road block

Last weekend, I got to a first dead end: Mac OS X 10.5, installed on my Mac, being deprecated and not accepting any new application, including Firefox, Google Chrome, SmoothMouse, the Razer Synapse driver and probably many others. Besides the difficulties installing applications, I had issues with YouTube playback in both Safari and Chrome (before… Continue reading The obsolescence road block