A second blog because I wrongly chose my CMS

After some time posting on a French WordPress blog, I started to feel the need to post some articles in English, mainly technical contents about computer science, but could extend to something else. I explored possibility of making my WordPress blog bilingual. I found xLanguage which seemed to do the trick, but it just installs and does nothing, not allowing to change language and not providing the language toolbar when editing posts. I searched, added languages, added the widget. The language selector was on my blog page but did nothing. The language toolbar was missing. I then read that the xLanguage extension wasn’t updated since two years, so maybe not maintained anymore. Further searches lead me to WPML as the highest recommended solution. I checked it and gave up on it, because not only it is not free, but in addition, it is offered in three different versions, with no obvious way to pick the right one other than looking at a list of cryptic features that I don’t understand yet but may later and may need! I’m pretty sure there is a way to setup a multilingual site with a CMS, if only I had picked the right one. I would probably be better off coding my own CMS so I would be able to enhance it as I need, but HostPapa only offers PHP and Perl support and I don’t want to invest in PHP, preferring Python/Django or Java/JSP. So for now, I’ll stick with a second blog and see where that goes.