Firefox and Chrome mixing up

Yesterday, when I started Firefox, I noticed that the Chrome’s interface shown up instead. I thought I picked the wrong icon, closed the window and tried to start Firefox again: no more Firefox icon in the start menu. I pressed the Windows key, typed Firefox, picked the Mozilla Firefox result and pressed Enter. I got […]

Problematic network file transfer

Yesterday, I wanted to transfer a VirtualBox VM from my main computer to my ultrabook, in order to have a basic Ubuntu VM on my secondary machine. That operation happened to be harder than expected. First, I booted my two computers. My main machine is hooked up permanently to my router, but my ultrabook usually […]

Cascade of problems

It is unbelievable how things can go bad starting from a small number of problems. This afternoon, I was overwhelmed by several hurdles, but there were only two main root causes: keyboard instability and network bandwith issue. Everything started with the delivery of my new AZIO keyboard and Razer Taipan mouse. Well, these are low-risk […]