Contorted CD ripping

On December 24th, I got the Namasté CD from Steve Trottier. I was in Chambly, away from my main computer, so unable to easily rip the disk and I wanted to listen to it on my way to Mauricie or back to Montreal. My parents were not interested in listening to it so I could […]

Recovering Final Cut Express

Yesterday, I tried to get my Final Cut Express setup back on my Mac. It went away when I reinstalled Mac OS X and formatted the hard drive. However, before formatting, I backed up the complete Applications and Library folders, so I had a possibility to get Final Cut Express back by just copying back […]

Firefox and Chrome mixing up

Yesterday, when I started Firefox, I noticed that the Chrome’s interface shown up instead. I thought I picked the wrong icon, closed the window and tried to start Firefox again: no more Firefox icon in the start menu. I pressed the Windows key, typed Firefox, picked the Mozilla Firefox result and pressed Enter. I got […]

Problematic network file transfer

Yesterday, I wanted to transfer a VirtualBox VM from my main computer to my ultrabook, in order to have a basic Ubuntu VM on my secondary machine. That operation happened to be harder than expected. First, I booted my two computers. My main machine is hooked up permanently to my router, but my ultrabook usually […]

The power of i7

Yesterday, I got truly impressed after months of disappointment about performance. I was trying to reinstall Myst IV and have some nostalgic fun with it, but this time, Windows 8.1 decided that it wouldn’t start the autorun program on the DVD. There was no other setup program on the disk, so I had to either […]

Ubuntu on my Mac: possible but limited

I read quite a lot of wrong and contradictory information when I searched for feasibility of installing Ubuntu on my 2006 MacBook Pro. Part of the problem is that users don’t all understand the pieces of the puzzle involved to boot a Mac into Ubuntu, but the multitude of variants of MacBook Pro, with varying […]

Unblocked… at least for now…

After I successfully started Ubuntu on my old Mac, I tried to play YouTube videos from Firefox and that worked relatively well. That means the graphic chip of the Mac is not broken, still capable of doing some work. I thought about just installing Ubuntu on the machine, maybe getting rid of Mac OS X, […]

MacTracker report about my MacBook Pro

OVERVIEW Introduced    October 2006 Discontinued    June 2007 Model Identifier    MacBookPro2,2 Model Number    A1211 EMC    2120 Order Number    MA609LL/A (2.16 GHz), MA610LL/A (2.33 GHz) Initial Price    $1,999 (2.16 GHz) $2,499 (2.33 GHz) Support Status    Obsolete Case    Lightweight aluminum alloy Weight and Dimensions    5.6 lbs., 1″ H x 14.1″ W x 9.6″ D PROCESSOR Processor    Intel Core […]