Desperately slow

This morning, I tried to install Razer Synapse on my Mac now equipped with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). That worked very well but brought absolutely NO improvement with respect to mouse smoothness. In fact, it does absolute nothing: no compensation or removal of the unwanted acceleration, and no handling at all of the side […]

Recovering Final Cut Express

Yesterday, I tried to get my Final Cut Express setup back on my Mac. It went away when I reinstalled Mac OS X and formatted the hard drive. However, before formatting, I backed up the complete Applications and Library folders, so I had a possibility to get Final Cut Express back by just copying back […]

Ubuntu on my Mac: possible but limited

I read quite a lot of wrong and contradictory information when I searched for feasibility of installing Ubuntu on my 2006 MacBook Pro. Part of the problem is that users don’t all understand the pieces of the puzzle involved to boot a Mac into Ubuntu, but the multitude of variants of MacBook Pro, with varying […]

Unblocked… at least for now…

After I successfully started Ubuntu on my old Mac, I tried to play YouTube videos from Firefox and that worked relatively well. That means the graphic chip of the Mac is not broken, still capable of doing some work. I thought about just installing Ubuntu on the machine, maybe getting rid of Mac OS X, […]

MacTracker report about my MacBook Pro

OVERVIEW Introduced    October 2006 Discontinued    June 2007 Model Identifier    MacBookPro2,2 Model Number    A1211 EMC    2120 Order Number    MA609LL/A (2.16 GHz), MA610LL/A (2.33 GHz) Initial Price    $1,999 (2.16 GHz) $2,499 (2.33 GHz) Support Status    Obsolete Case    Lightweight aluminum alloy Weight and Dimensions    5.6 lbs., 1″ H x 14.1″ W x 9.6″ D PROCESSOR Processor    Intel Core […]

The obsolescence road block

Last weekend, I got to a first dead end: Mac OS X 10.5, installed on my Mac, being deprecated and not accepting any new application, including Firefox, Google Chrome, SmoothMouse, the Razer Synapse driver and probably many others. Besides the difficulties installing applications, I had issues with YouTube playback in both Safari and Chrome (before […]