Many ways to create the same thing

One important issue of software development is that problems can be resolved many ways and not all solutions are equal. Some solutions cannot be maintained because some developers cannot grasp how it works and insist on switching to something else. Some solutions cannot be deployed because the chosen providers don’t support it. Some solutions don’t… Continue reading Many ways to create the same thing

The down side of a NAS

Recently, I almost lost a bunch of ripped blu-rays, DVDs and downloaded movies and TV series. I thought a RAID5 would preserve that reasonably well, but I didn’t consider carefully enough recovery scenarios in case the whole NAS dies. I learned how a NAS can be expensive and paint myself in a corner, but I… Continue reading The down side of a NAS

Will it remain possible to upgrade laptops with SSD?

Last year, I upgraded my sister’s Thinkpad G500 with a SSD, which greatly increased its performance. The laptop also suffered from hardware issues because of its faulty DVD drive; removing the drive surprisingly cured it. After this success, I was thinking about improving her boyfriend’s laptop, an HP machine that happened to be slower than… Continue reading Will it remain possible to upgrade laptops with SSD?

A dying laptop

My Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 15 is dying. It happened the second time today, and that’s quite concerning. Suddenly, the machine freezes, keyboard is not responding, the mouse is moving but clicking does nothing. There is no way out other than rebooting, and when I did it, the screen became black with an error message displayed… Continue reading A dying laptop

Ubuntu 18.10: a silent release

Usually, upgrading Ubuntu goes well. I run the Upgrade tool which downloads new packages, installs them and then asks me to reboot. Some new versions had minor issues, for example Wayland not fully compatible with my NVIDIA card or an old version of MATE preventing the dist-upgrade, but nothing major, nothing that couldn’t be worked… Continue reading Ubuntu 18.10: a silent release